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January 27th, 2007

New image processing library

actionscript 3, flash, flex, by austin.

A new image processing library written in actionscript 3 was released. This includes very nice libraries for imaging effects, including displacement map filtering, ripples to create water effects. Joe Ebert is very talented at this which is great. The above image was created with this image processing library which is cool.

I’m very anxious to get down at try some of these effects. He actually made a really cool actionscript 3 demo a while back no doubt using this library.

Check it out here

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Responses to “New image processing library”

  1. THANK YOU!!!!
    I have done so much research in books and on the web trying to find out how to add a llink to a web banner. You would think its a big secret or something as difficult it is to find out how to do it. This is the first turtorial that actually explains the process and the code works! Thank you so much.
    Nice Tutorial

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