Layout XML – To embed or not to embed

I’ve been thinking a few things out on a dynamic layout engine written in xml. Flex mxml layouts are all precompiled. This makes it faster at loading, however it makes the layout xml not reside on disk which therefore makes it harder who do not know flex to make modifications.

We recently wrote an entire actionscript 2.0 layout engine which was an enormous amount of work, but we achieved the point of having other developers make modifications to the xml without them having to know the entire flex framework. So it was pretty cool.

But, the question is – what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing a new layout engine for flash 9 cs3. Is it worth it? My problem with the flex framework is that the movies always seem over bloated some times.

As an example, the actionscript 2.0 layout engine, the core layout code ended up being 60k, for full HBox, VBox, widget set.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Layout XML – To embed or not to embed”

  1. I think an as3 version is an idea. I was thinking of including the yahoo layout utils integrated in if they’ve already done a bunch of work…

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