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Archive for July, 2008

Is it me, or did Colin Moock’s post stir up some feelings I have about flash 9 cs3? I’ve used flash 8 for years and haven’t had a single problem with it except for the slow compile times. Now, adobe comes out with the new flash 9 cs3. Not only do they take out the data services, they add in this really odd way of generating classes and re-work the entire way the objects are created on the stage. This makes the workflow not as simple and generally re-works the flow. So, my question on flash 9 cs3 is, why? 1. Why take out the data services? So we all move to flex? I do flex projects, don’t get me wrong. I think flex is great for what it is. But the problem is in flash there is SOOO much more freedom because of assets and the timeline and animation and designs are so much easier to create. 2. Why make it more complex? Why make every object it’s own class? What if we have a whole series of nested objects and don’t want to make every nested symbol a property in a file? Why not just simply let it be by itself… Keep it simple. The amount of times I’ve opened a project and not been able to compile it because of the “Automatically declare stage instances.” really gets on my nerves. Error messages — Man – some of these just don’t make sense. They are verbose and unclear. In flash 8 it was…