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As I look more and more at the industry trends, we see more and more handheld devices being developed, that’s a no brainer. More and more devices, such as the android, sidekick, blackberry and iphone have some form of a web browser. Just the other day I was walking outside and I saw atleast 4 young kids with sidekicks, a blackberry and a couple with an iphone. Now when we look at trends we see that the majority of people browse with their own personal computers, but as the future progresses more and more people will be using their mobile devices to browse the web. Of the 4 different devices I mentioned NONE have the flash player, or are capable of viewing flash in a normal browsing environment. Now, I’ve been developing flash applications for over 10 years, I started with flash 4. Used flex, and all variations with design patterns, coding standards, but the one thing that is becoming more difficult is convincing executives of the company to use a flash solution when all of the above devices competently show ajax and html just fine. I know that the flash player is going to come to the android…. but let’s get real, is adobe taking a serious look at this? I mean its awesome to do flashlite for the various nokia devices and devices that can support this. But there needs to be major changes here because as the industry moves more and more mobile, ajax/html solutions are becoming a lot more appealing because…

If someone were interested in developing for the android or a sidekick, what is the best way to learn. I know the iphone is objective-c, but does anyone have any advice for this? Im trying to get perspectives from different developers as the best way to learn this field, coming from an as2 – as3 – heavy oop background with some java apps built but not proficient in J2ME. Obviously each unit requires different skills, but what is the best recommended learning environment for this? This is a very general question i realize this, but it would be good to know from pro developers any feedback on this. Please follow and like us:0

January 11th, 2009

2009 – Actionscript 4?

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Is there any kind of official word on whether there is going to be an actionscript 4? Im curious, as i develop mainly in as2.0 and some 3, but the jumps are huge. Is there just going to be actionscript 3 and small modifications to it as the player comes out? Please follow and like us:0