2009 – Actionscript 4?

Is there any kind of official word on whether there is going to be an actionscript 4? Im curious, as i develop mainly in as2.0 and some 3, but the jumps are huge. Is there just going to be actionscript 3 and small modifications to it as the player comes out?

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  1. From what I heard people I know who went to the MAX 2008 conference and talked to Adobe officials, the current plan is that there will not be a move to AS4 just yet with Flash Player 11. Instead Adobe are looking to make more additions to AS3, just as Flash Player 10 included such additions as typed arrays.

    I’m also guessing with the death of ECMAScript 4, in favour of ECMAScript 3.1 and ECMAScript “Harmony” that Adobe needs some time to determine what the direction of the language will be.

  2. Matthew, thanks for the info, I’m just curious if they’re going to follow the java model of having new versions of the language with each new set of iterations, ala vectors. From a marketing standpoint I can see that this is a good thing.

  3. There shouldnt be a need to change actionscript as happened between 2 & 3 as it is now a robust oop language. However of course there will be lots of extra classes whether they are distributed with the IDE such as "vectors" or whether its extrnal librarys such as papervision, and really thats one of the major advantages of an oop language, it can grow and change as YOU require.

  4. There was a huge jump between AS2 and AS3 because there was still a lot of AS1 in AS2 and the language started getting too clunky so it needed to be revised and reworked.
    I used to do all my flash coding in AS2 until I forced myself to start taking on deadlines in AS3. I soon started understanding the fundamentals and now am comfortable in both.
    I have read around online and it sounds like AS4 will not be as significant a jump as AS2-3 was.
    As a developer I feel your troubles with constantly having to learn new things of the same language subset…. But in a way it's kind of the point of being a coder, having to constantly fight the same dumb battles and keep abreast of technologies.

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