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March 2nd, 2011

AGAL (Adobe Graphics Assembly Language) conversion to HLSL

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So, the new flash player is out. And the one thing Im thinking is – AWESOME. So, I’ve been looking at the API docs and the program code and all that looks hot. Stencil Buffer, Depth Buffer, Vertex Buffer – they basically made it almost identical to NVidia’s C++ CG, CGFX. However I did not see profiles, but Im sure this is going to be a smart solution done.

So the wheels are turning and Im only thinking to myself, If Adobe, NVidia, and Microsoft can get together to develop some kind of HLSL (High Level Shader Language) that all three can use – a simple wrapper – MAN we’re going to be in heaven as 3d developers. Then, the shaders for say your favorite PC game can be loaded directly into a flash game, and the same shaders can apply to the model. Because you’ll be using a PC for all types of development.

The only issue this poses is when you export to mobile – a lot of the same shaders will have to be dummied down – so adobe will need to come up with some kind of profile mechanism – similar to how CGFX does it where it loads back up shaders if the hardware cannot support the shader.

Are you excited about this? I think this is going to kick ass!!!

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Responses to “AGAL (Adobe Graphics Assembly Language) conversion to HLSL”

  1. I think it’s gonna kick ass too! Any tips for a newbie on learning AGAL?

  2. Adobe’s answer to your question is Pixel Bender 3D and it’s associated language: the Pixel Bender Kernal Language, which I suppose could have the following acronym: PBKL. PBKL is functionally equivalent to CG, HLSL etc. and with the same idea – a high level shader language. After writing your shader in PBKL you compile it to AGAL (using the Pixel Bender 3D compiler) for use in your Actionscript.

    Check it out: Pixel Bender 3D.


  3. Having written the above comment in May, I’m a little disappointed to say that PixelBender3D development will most likely come to an end in the next few months. That’s just my opinion by the way. I have nothing to do with Adobe. But if so then writing shaders in AGAL will probably remain the norm. Third party frameworks built around Flash, such as Unity, will no doubt take up the slack, and conventional shader languages (Cg, HLSL, etc) will no doubt become part of the Flash 3D pipeline (via those frameworks).

    Carl Looper at Reply

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