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March 17th, 2011

Inline Webkit Renderer for Flash Player 11

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Something that I think should be done for the flash player, now that HTML 5 is gaining ground, is an inline HTML renderer that should be packaged as part of the download. Potentially it could be an optional download. I mean the core code base is already a part of the AIR packager. How hard would it be to make an external RSL that gets cached or make it part of the flash player 11 installation with a checkbox to download this in addition.

If there is an update to the web kit renderer, it then flags this in the flashplayer download manager… Just a thought to make flash player 11 completely blow away. We’ve got 3d support, but how about a little HTML 5 renderer as part of the flash player?

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Responses to “Inline Webkit Renderer for Flash Player 11”

  1. This has been a long dream since Flash supports HTML 1 in textfields.
    I also wish it will happen one day.

  2. I’m not sure it would be nice on the sandbox security side. And well, html wrapper -> flash swif -> html 5 … could be endless 🙂
    On the upside, maybe it’d shut some flash haters up.

  3. I know… I think about the possibilities guys and it’s awesome. I really think it wouldn’t that hard to integrate in some RSL mechanism or some kind of compiled player. Seriously though – the download file size of the flash player is so small and these days with the speed of WIFI downloading an extra 5 megs would not be a problem for a full HTML 5 textfield capability.

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