Undocumented APIs – Mobile Development on Flash Platform – CS 5.5

So now all of us awesome developers who have been developing and programming for the adobe flash platform for years now have an opportunity to write some awesome apps for mobile platforms.

The big question that we as developers have and need answered are – what are the drawbacks of developing with Adobe’s tools as opposed to developing with something like the android SDK or the Iphone SDK. What challenges and problems are we going to encounter.

My questions for adobe:

    1. What is the roadmap and to-dos on the Air Mobile SDK

    2. Native controls – how do you access these using the Air Mobile SDK

    3. How do you program in 3D for IOS/Android using native GL graphics calls. Is this possible?

    4. Is there some way to leverage advanced APIs for IOS and Android

    5. Can you actually use APIS on the IOS platform via a “hack” or some way… what if a company invests millions of dollars and the adobe tools are selected as the platform of choice and we need to do an advanced task that is not in the AS3 Air Mobile SDK? What do we do?

I think that a lot of developers have these questions and it would be good to get some light on this before talking to the higher ups on the pros and cons.

Thanks =)