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August 29th, 2011

Adobe’s Mobile Development Initiative

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I would like to get feedback from developers from using Adobe’s Mobile Development toolset, particularly in flex sdk 4.5.

Can some developers provide some pros and cons in using it? Speed of performance, android phones, tablets. Also, Ive tried some apps on an Iphone 3GS and found them really slow.

How is the speed now? What can and cant be done?

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Responses to “Adobe’s Mobile Development Initiative”

  1. Hi,

    I’m using Flash Builder 4.5.1 / Flex SDK 4.5.1 for developing Android apps. I’ve not tried developing any iPhone apps yet. Here’s my experience…
    – The IDE is Eclipse-based, so I’m comfortable with it
    – But, being Eclipse-based, the IDE requires a top-of-the-line computer to run quickly
    – Updating the IDE to work with new versions of the AIR runtime is a royal pain!
    – Compiled apps using the mobile components run great on my test devices! (Nexus S phone and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1)
    – List scrolling is very smooth
    – Audio streaming is great
    – Converting my AS3 apps went very well, except for two problems:
    – Changing layout required some work (I usually write my own components, and best layout required changing screen units from pixels to mm)
    – Google Maps API initializes very slow! There are work-arounds for it, though
    – When writing custom skins for the mobile Flex components, it is best to write them in AS3 instead of MXML
    – There’s not a great variety of components in Flex, but…
    – There are 3rd party libraries out there, just Google “Eskimo” or “MadComponents”
    – About MadComponents:
    – They have a very iOS look to them
    – The list control doesn’t “bounce” right, and there is some wonkiness to the other components as well
    – You have to fire-off a resize event after app starts in order to get the layout mechanism to kick-in, at least in preview mode
    – Overall, they’re not too bad
    – Haven’t played with Eskimo yet, but they do have a “Tour d’Eskimo” app

    Hope this helps!

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