Why cant Microsoft/Google and Apple agree on one open source Javascript converter tool?

For some reason, companies like Microsoft, Google do not seriously believe javascript is a great programming language. I have constantly been working in javascript and see the pros and cons. I see that because of it’s amazingly dynamic nature you can do almost anything. However, because of this dynamic nature it makes it prone to errors almost immediately.

Most recently Microsoft unveiled it’s new language called Typescript, which converts an object oriented scripting language with Interfaces, Classes, constructors into javascript. Now look at Google Dart which by the way is in full swing and it does nearly the same thing except with an actual VM. Some people thought it died, but they are working on a milestone 1 release.

So the big question is, which one is going to DIE first??? Or is Apple going to come up with their own intermediary language and pose another type of intermediary language that converts to JS.

Ahh, I miss the days of Flash being King. Where you had one tool to do amazing stuff and never needed to worry about browser dependencies.

I was knee deep into an HTML5/CSS3 book about 8 months ago and the opening introduction said “We need to infer to our clients that the project will not look the same on multiple browsers.” Wow, seriously? It’s because of this problem and competing vendors that we have this issue. Why cant vendors just work together one on project and support it? There is very little money in open source tools. Wouldn’t it be nice if Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple all supported Dart?