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Archive for July, 2018

Integration of TLS/SSL on old hardware can be challenging. You open up the machine and open up chrome and low and behold nothing works. You try to download chrome and are blocked. You try to do just about anything on the machine and basically you are locked down due to the fact that the SSL support is too outdated and modern web servers are rejecting any in-secure connections. Well what if you needed to build software that could run on a machine from about 13 years ago, and do modern SSL without an OS upgrade. Qt 4.5 does not work well with modern TLS 1.2 If you remember OSX circa 2010, you’ll remember Apple moving over to ARC based Objective-C. So on top of the SSL issues you have to work with pre-arc objective-C and build an app. Well, I decided – rather than go down to the Xcode 3 level Ill just use something like QT. That way, all of the code and memory management are handled by Qt – no problem. App was built in Qt. However, due to issues with SSL – I could not get Qt building a binary which used the modern openssl libraries. No matter what I tried. Even recompiling Qt with OpenSSL 1.02. Comes down to the fact that out-of-the-box Qt has a library called QtNetwork which is tied down to a specific openssl version and it uses whats installed on the machine. Well – I cant do any changes to the underlying operating system so getting an…