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So, Im always digging into new frameworks and trying to understand the philosophies behind why developers chose to make new frameworks to help others. After falling in love with the new [Inject] metatag and thinking it’s the coolest thing since Java has been doing this for years anyway with Annotations, I thought this framework must be rad =) So after hours of looking at the documentation, the one thing I found out and is the bane of all robot legs development is CLASS NAMING. Lord have mercy, there is a base class called “Actor” – THATS THE NAME OF THE CLASS. Ok, so after reading GoF and all these development books over the years the one thing that java/flex/flash developers have a huge problem is is correctly conveying the names of classes. Conceptually representing something. With that said “ACTOR” is the worst name for a class ever – I mean, it communicates absolutely nothing! The concept is so ambiguous and it hurts just thinking about it. And it’s used EVERYWHERE. PureMVC atleast names the classes by common design patterns so it’s clear to everyone using it if you’ve studied these patterns. Lord have mercy – can we just get a pure mvc framework with an [Inject] meta tag? Ill be happy then =) Please follow and like us:0

January 27th, 2007

New image processing library

1 Comment, actionscript 3, flash, flex, by austin.

A new image processing library written in actionscript 3 was released. This includes very nice libraries for imaging effects, including displacement map filtering, ripples to create water effects. Joe Ebert is very talented at this which is great. The above image was created with this image processing library which is cool. I’m very anxious to get down at try some of these effects. He actually made a really cool actionscript 3 demo a while back no doubt using this library. Check it out here Please follow and like us:0