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I for one think it’s absolutely hilarious how google devs despise js as an enterprise development tool. But can’t stand to develop in it. I remember when angular1 came out. And thought to my self “Wow google actually made a library in pure js?” and recommends you to develop in js – impressive. Some years back I worked in a project called GWT – you may have heard of it. It compiles Java down into JS and provides a somewhat awesome way to dev apps – outside of compile times and crappy looking widgets. Anyway – So when angular1 came out I was like “Whoa awesome – pure js”. Used it for a project to build a fully functional phone with WebRTC and flash. Worked great – I really enjoyed the thoroughness that google put into it. But I couldnt get over the fact – having done a prior project in GWT/GXT that google was just laying it all out and doing a pure js library. I mean “I thought google despised js as a pure dev language.” Now, years later – Google releases angular 2 through 5 – “AHHHHH Im right – they ditched js in favor of TypeScript” haha. Now we’re using TypeScript. So I guess I was right. Google cant stand js. So now – I see flutter and Im like – wow, that’s pretty cool – FINALLY a competitor to react-native. But wait there’s more! Google revamped the dart language and basically said screw js – lets use Dart! Honestly Im kind…

If someone were interested in developing for the android or a sidekick, what is the best way to learn. I know the iphone is objective-c, but does anyone have any advice for this? Im trying to get perspectives from different developers as the best way to learn this field, coming from an as2 – as3 – heavy oop background with some java apps built but not proficient in J2ME. Obviously each unit requires different skills, but what is the best recommended learning environment for this? This is a very general question i realize this, but it would be good to know from pro developers any feedback on this. Please follow and like us:0