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Integration of TLS/SSL on old hardware can be challenging. You open up the machine and open up chrome and low and behold nothing works. You try to download chrome and are blocked. You try to do just about anything on the machine and basically you are locked down due to the fact that the SSL support is too outdated and modern web servers are rejecting any in-secure connections. Well what if you needed to build software that could run on a machine from about 13 years ago, and do modern SSL without an OS upgrade. Qt 4.5 does not work well with modern TLS 1.2 If you remember OSX circa 2010, you’ll remember Apple moving over to ARC based Objective-C. So on top of the SSL issues you have to work with pre-arc objective-C and build an app. Well, I decided – rather than go down to the Xcode 3 level Ill just use something like QT. That way, all of the code and memory management are handled by Qt – no problem. App was built in Qt. However, due to issues with SSL – I could not get Qt building a binary which used the modern openssl libraries. No matter what I tried. Even recompiling Qt with OpenSSL 1.02. Comes down to the fact that out-of-the-box Qt has a library called QtNetwork which is tied down to a specific openssl version and it uses whats installed on the machine. Well – I cant do any changes to the underlying operating system so getting an…

I for one think it’s absolutely hilarious how google devs despise js as an enterprise development tool. But can’t stand to develop in it. I remember when angular1 came out. And thought to my self “Wow google actually made a library in pure js?” and recommends you to develop in js – impressive. Some years back I worked in a project called GWT – you may have heard of it. It compiles Java down into JS and provides a somewhat awesome way to dev apps – outside of compile times and crappy looking widgets. Anyway – So when angular1 came out I was like “Whoa awesome – pure js”. Used it for a project to build a fully functional phone with WebRTC and flash. Worked great – I really enjoyed the thoroughness that google put into it. But I couldnt get over the fact – having done a prior project in GWT/GXT that google was just laying it all out and doing a pure js library. I mean “I thought google despised js as a pure dev language.” Now, years later – Google releases angular 2 through 5 – “AHHHHH Im right – they ditched js in favor of TypeScript” haha. Now we’re using TypeScript. So I guess I was right. Google cant stand js. So now – I see flutter and Im like – wow, that’s pretty cool – FINALLY a competitor to react-native. But wait there’s more! Google revamped the dart language and basically said screw js – lets use Dart! Honestly Im kind…

January 24th, 2010

Crazy 3D C++ Open GL project

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Hey guys, I’ve been working on a project for a few months to teach myself open gl and 3d mathematics and nvidia’s cg shader language. I think it came out ok, I learned a lot of technology about graphics, etc. It’s no where near the level of PS3 but it’s got some potential. Qt4 was used for the UI technology. Features: 1. Bump mapping, spherical mapping, multi-texturing2. Terrain generation3. Matrix pallette skinning4. Realtime lighting5. Explosions, collision detection6. MD2, POD model loading7. Shadows I posted some shots…. As a note, none of the models are mine, they are just used to demonstrate concepts. Two of the models are NVidia’s and Sony’s used in a book I found. I converted the models to a format I needed, POD. And used shaders to animate the models using matrix pallette skinning. This is purely used for educational purposes and not to be a commercial project at all. Please follow and like us:0