Tutorial: Build Twitter with Groovy Grails in 90 Minutes

I found an awesome video that came out last month from one of the Spring Source engineers on building an entire application in Grails.

I think if anything this video shows the true simplicity of grails. It outlines security, ajax, authentication, jdbc, validation and how fast it is to develop with grails. You see how robust and quick to develop a data-base driven twitter clone.

Grails – Making flex/java developers happy

I come from a myriad of development backgrounds, actually started doing C/8086 assembly back in the day. Went into playstation development, and then moved onto flash, qt c++, win 32, java, and ajax.

I developed heavily in java for the last few years and stumbled upon rails – couldn’t stand the syntax although I loved the power and the scaffolding. I then discovered grails and man this is like a new world. The power of ruby on rails but in a java-like syntax.

The key problems I see in web development are:

1. Properly planning the development project
2. Allocating enough time to do the project without shortcutting it
3. Implementing the project in the time allotted
4. Getting management to work with the clients to properly allocate enough time/money to spend on the lifecycle without shortcutting the features

I think projects that are heavily ajax/html or flex projects can be GREATLY simplified by using grails as it writes a lot of the code for you and can really make some of the back-end development which we never want to do a breeze and very integrated.

The problem with writing entity beans in java is that the annotations and amount of code written pales in comparison to a grails entity bean and how simple it is to add validation, etc.

I plan to do some more examples as I get more and more familiar with the grails code base.

Check it out: http://www.grails.org/