Moving a flash animation to HD Video

I was on a project which required me to be able to take a 60 second intro that I did in flash and save it to dvd. I thought this would go smoothly now that flash 9 cs3 can export to quicktime video.

Little did I know that this was ultra lame as when cs3 records the movie to quicktime it screws up the frame rate and the .mov looked really bad. After a bunch of unsuccessful attempts at getting it right, I tried screen recorders (about 10) and couldn’t find any that worked right. Adobe needs to work a little harder on this one as DV pros need to be able to have a constant framerate which can be burned to DVD, etc – otherwise it’s almost impossible to recreate the flash movie.

The animation I made combines actionscript with frames, creating random actionscript particles and just recording it is very hard.

So I grabbed a program called MagicSWF and this recorded it at 22 frames per second to an AVI. It was smoothe as hell.

I then took the AVI into after effects and recomposited the quicktime video with a wav file and the AVI file and voila I had a flash animation prepared for going HD. And it looked almost as good as the original SWF. I could blow it up — stretching and the hardware scaling worked great.

Anyway, this is a tip for anyone trying to record a flash movie to HD.