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Thoughts about Architecture – Java, C/C++, JS, Objective-C, Swift, Groovy, Grails, (RIP Flash) which has some incredibly cool experiments posted another bitchin project for doing page flipping. An engine which does some incredible parsing to create a realistic effect.

Check it out here: Check out the page flip effect here

Also another set of experiments on bump mapping:

January 27th, 2007

New image processing library

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A new image processing library written in actionscript 3 was released. This includes very nice libraries for imaging effects, including displacement map filtering, ripples to create water effects. Joe Ebert is very talented at this which is great. The above image was created with this image processing library which is cool.

I’m very anxious to get down at try some of these effects. He actually made a really cool actionscript 3 demo a while back no doubt using this library.

Check it out here

January 24th, 2007

It’s an audio-visual age

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One thing that is always kind of interesting to me is the debate between flash and design and how people need to remove flash off of web sites.

I say to whoever that wants to do this must live an incredibly boring life that does not appreciate beauty or aesthetics and strive for a more spiritual existence. Flash represents such an incredible aesthetic approach to design where people can do anything! People do not realize the potential of flash and how much you can do to create interactive designs that people can view to really create amazing virtual experiences and worlds.

I have been seeing slowly and slowly the Internet taking form, bit by bit where the entirety of the browser will be a very virtual non-text based experience. We will move from HTML to a new level. It’s coming….

January 18th, 2007

Papervision acid cubes

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This came from Mr.doob from the papervision mailing list which really shows some wild effects with a papervision cube.

See this demo here

January 17th, 2007

Incredible flash 8 effects demo

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I just saw an incredible demo by a true legend in the flash scene, Petri Sarasvirta who takes flash 8’s bitmap data to a whole new level. You can also view a lot more demos at

January 16th, 2007


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I had a chance to play with papervision and I must say it is absolutely phenomenal and has major potential for a new generation of 3d demos. John Garden has been instrumental in showing the power.

You can render in about 8000 polygons on a decent processor which makes it ultra cool. I also found some other neat links.

Also check out this site for some incredible 3d:


January 15th, 2007

Thoughts about flash design

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One of the things that I actually like about flash is the fact that it allows you take programming and mesh it with design. This is something that is very hard to do with programs currently in a development atmosphere. You can take flash and create a piece of art and design that totally defies anything a programmer would do and you can also meld in something that allows for a total flexibility in programming and art combined.

I specifically am a large avid of very good design and animation which is what I like to see. And in my web log I will be posting in code samples and future things I come across later on.

One site I really like is which has a lot of great links. I’m also interested in flex and really like this technology and have used it in quite a few projects which I will brief on as well.