The brilliant choices of Steve Jobs, Adobe, multi-talented developers now force us to use Javascript – ECMAScript 1.0?

Anyone who has done RIA development, back-end development and worked with a myriad of languages that include strong typing and compile time checking knows that Adobe’s announcement of the non-existence of a mobile flash player has set the entire flash development community backwards into a realm of using javascript and shitty compilation standards. HTML5 is cool, but for real – it comes down to javascript.

Don’t get me wrong I love javascript, for little things here and there and working on a page. But a usual flash application can be up to a 100,000 lines of front-end code.

I sought out to prove to myself that javascript could be a force to be reckoned with so I set myself up with Aptana again and downloaded all of the latest libraries, jquery, mootools etc. I then decided to create classes using mootools. To my dismay creating a class is at run time only so guess what:

1. If using new frameworks to create classes instead of the usual prototype BS, you will thoroughly disappointed that you will have no compile time checking.

2. Thus if you have an error in your class you will never know until you run the app.

3. console.log doesnt work in IE 8.

Thus from my deduction the only logical approach to this is the fact that you must use prototype to create your classes and not rely on strong typing.

Even then, if you use prototype to create a class AND then use another class within that class all compile time checking goes out the window.

This slows development time down tremendously and is the primary reason I think developers like Google are going with alternate solutions like Dart.

I really think Adobe should have waited for the announcement. I think Adobe should have made the announcement WHEN they had a solution. It makes developers now flounder as a whole. You dont announce the big issue when you have no alternative.

So I hope adobe builds in something into dreamweaver or eclipse that does INCREDIBLE javascript parsing. The dreamweaver parsing in 5.5 is ok, but come on. Can we get LIVE compile time checking with JS? If you are making this the alternative to flash development.

Can you get the error detection as awesome as flex builder?

The amount of millions of dollars wasted in no compile time checking is at stake here and I think that managers need to know the alternatives to development.


Seriously, rather than come to any standard about proper web development in a language they drop the ECMAScript 4 specification which is something that could help make javascript more readable and strong typing – lots of things. Companies like Microsoft and Yahoo say its too complex.

Seriously, who thinks javascript is amazing at Microsoft? Can they see the issues here?

It appears javascript is more about shorthand than it is about writing clean, documented code:

Just look at this article about js 1.8 whereby instead of implementing ECMAScript 4 enhancements that include packages, namespaces, classes. They implement CLOSURES – shorthand code for methods that make code a lot more unreadable.

I think it’s a backwards move and I think Google sees this too which is why Google Dart is being developed.